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Because Your Home is Not a Zoo

Muddy Paws is rooted in science and modern based methods of training.  This means that we train based off the understanding of dog behavior and cognition. 

Muddy Paws is run by a training professional who has experience training both exotic and domestic animals as well as working as a veterinary technician.  We focus on positive reinforcement, centered on choice, and rooted in compassion.

We understand the challenges that you are facing with your dog and are here to help you and your pet live happy lives together and understanding each other. 


About Your Next Favorite Dog Trainer

Hi! My name is Cassie and I’ve been training the animals of Denver since 2016. I have my bachelors degree in Zoology and Animal Behavior. I began my career at the Downtown Aquarium determined to take care of marine life. I began as a volunteer and was working my way up the ladder when I got a job offer from the Denver Zoo.  Being fresh and eager to advance my career I took the job and became a trainer. However while I was there something just felt off.  I spent the next couple years getting trained at animal clinics and working various jobs trying to find the right path. A friend of mine then reached out about training questions for her new puppy and everything began to click.  I left the exotic animal world behind, picked up my clicker and training treats and stepped into my new role as a dog trainer and I haven't looked back!


Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”


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