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Online Training

Train from the comfort of your home!

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Behavior Consulting

Online training is a great and convenient way to get help for your dog.  We’ll meet online via video conferencing and will discuss your dog’s behavior history, training goals, and develop a personalized management and training plan.  You will receive email and phone support while we work together, as well as feedback on any video of you working with your dog.

Examples of behavior and training goals we’ll work on:

  • Foundation behaviors and skills

  • Behavioral wellness and enrichment

  • Addressing behavior challenges

  • Building confidence and comfort for fearful and reactive dogs

  • Cooperative care for handling, grooming, and vet care

Virtual Sessions : $95 

  • 45-minute virtual lesson where we’ll discuss your dog’s background, behavior history, training goals, and introduction into training.

Virtual Training includes:

  • Customized training and management plan

  • Lifetime access to training handouts, videos, and resources. 

  • 3 weeks of email support.

Virtual Training Packages available! 

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