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My Services

Helping you to help your pet through in person training sessions, puppy training and even trail training!

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In-Home Private Training

Behavior Consulting is a very popular service, which I’ve been developing and perfecting since I started Muddy Paws Training and Behavior. I work closely with each one of my clients and their animals to implement my problem solving process. I know you have a busy schedule, so I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.

I can help with:

Foundation behaviors and skills for puppies and adult dogs. 

Manners at home

Polite greetings with people and dogs

Polite leash walking and making walks more enjoyable

Coming when called

Modifying unwanted behaviors

Building confidence and comfort for fearful and reactive dogs

Cooperative care for handling, grooming, and vet care

Each package comes with an initial phone consultation where we’ll discuss your dog’s background, behavior history, training goals, and introduction to training. 


$125 / Single Session



  • Four 45 - minute coaching sessions in your home.

  • Building strong beginner foundation skills such as attention, name recognition, sit, down, stay, place training, loose leash walking, or 1-2 specific training goals relevant to your dog’s needs.

  • This package is excellent for beginner puppy basics or refreshing obedience for adult dogs. 

Investment : $420


  • Six 45 -minute coaching sessions in your home.

  • This program is ideal for developing reliable skills in a variety of settings including coming when called, polite greetings, calmness at home and on walks, or 2-3 specific training or behavior modification goals relevant to your dog’s needs.

Investment: $630


  • Eight 45 -minute coaching sessions in your home.

  • This program will build and develop strong foundation skills and behaviors in a variety of real-life settings.  It’s ideal for 4-5 special training goals or behavior modification including issues of fear and reactivity.

Investment: $840

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Puppy Training

Puppy Training is a very popular service where I work closely with my clients and their new puppies. Puppies come with a lot of work and I will be there to help you through the process every step of the way. Potty training, crate training, leash training, etc. I work closely with each one of my clients and their puppies and I know you have a busy schedule, so I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.

The ultimate puppy course is available for puppies 8 weeks to 1 year.  Here are some examples of what we’ll cover during training.

  • Foundation skills and behaviors (attention, name recognition, sit, down, polite-walking, polite greetings, coming when called, place training, crate training)

  • Common puppy behavior challenges such as jumping, chewing, mouthing, and play biting

  • House training support

  • Socialization

  • Enrichment

  • Handling and cooperative care

10 Week Puppy Program (8 weeks - 1 year)

  • 60-minute initial consult over the phone where we’ll discuss your dog’s background, behavior history, training goals, and introduction into training.

  • Ten 45 -minute coaching sessions in your home

  • 60 minutes wrap up session to discuss continued at home training and resources. 

Investment: $950

Programs includes:

  • Ten in person one on one training sessions to assist with all the challenges that puppies come with.  

  • Puppy foundation e-guide that provides a comprehensive overview of puppy development and socialization, enrichment, and tips or common puppy behavior challenges including puppy chewing, play biting, house training, resource guarding prevention and much more.

  • Customized training summary at the conclusion of the program outlining all skills learned and how to maintain them.

  • Walking sets (leash, collar, treat bag, poop bag holder and poop bags) if needed 

  • Lifetime email support

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Trail Training

Let's hit the trails! 

Trail training is ideal or puppies and adult dogs who need to build basic foundation skills when hiking.  Trail manners are a thing and I'm here to help!  

Before starting the program, we’ll meet to discuss your individual dog’s needs and create a personalized training plan.

Here are some examples of skills and behaviors we’ll build during the day training program:

  • Basic skills: attention, name recognition, sit, down, targeting, wait, stay, leave-it, drop-it

  • Place training

  • Coming when called

  • Polite leash walking

  • Polite greetings

  • Socialization

  • Acclimation to handling

  • Intro Off Leash Training 

  • Advanced Off Leash Training (for dogs who qualify)



You will be investing in 8 weeks of training.  During in each session we will work on the above behaviors both indoor and outdoor on the trails! 

Image by Alvan Nee

Day Training

Let me do the beginning hard work for you! 

Day Training is very similar to board and trains - the biggest difference is that they are only with me for the day!

Through my day training program you dog will be with me either 1, 2 or 3 weeks for the day depending on the training needed. 

During our initial consultation we will discuss the training your dog needs and how long the their specific day training will be.  

Pricing & Training Options: 


The 1-week day training is a program that focuses on working the basics and setting the foundation of your dog’s outdoor obedience allowing you take back control of your walks, manage the chaos when visitors come over, and give you the peace of mind that your dog will come when called. This program is perfect for door greetings and loose leash walking. 

The 2-week day training program builds off the above program while adding in real world scenarios for your dog to practice in: crowded downtown areas, hiking trails, restaurants, etc. 

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