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Off Leash and Reliable Recall Training with The Muddy Paws Training Co.

Trail Training

Time for Your Pet

Are you frustrated when your dog is at the park and won't respond to their name when its time to go? 

Do you feel like you have no control when hiking with your dog? 

Would you love to go to an off leash park but fear your dog will run away? 

The Muddy Paws Training Program is the one for you! 


4 week program 

  • 12 x 60 minute sessions split into

    • 3 Private Day Training Sessions per Week 

  • Weekly Training Summaries, Videos, & Homework Packet

  • Personalized location training for off leash goals

  • Access to Full Membership, Courses, and Training Resources Included for 1 Year

  • Unlimited Follow Ups

  • Complimentary Walking Pack 

    • Multi-functional training leash and long line ​

    • Whistle & Clicker 

    • Poop bag holder & bags

  • Lifetime Guarantee

What are the results from this program? 


-Your dog will have self control and listening skills under high distraction environments.  

-Covers the basic cues of sit, automatic sit, stay, down, come when called, reliable on leash skills, off leash skills. 

-Reliable recall skills in high distraction environments. 

-Freedom! This program gives dogs the ability to be a dog. Now social outings, hiking, camping, house gatherings, etc. can become so much more fun!

Program investment:  $2400

***Payment Plans Available

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Our professional dog training is like no other training facility you will find. We have such a unique approach that produces effective results, typically in a smaller time frame.

Why our programs are unique : 


  • We take our time. Your dog is our priority which is why we take our time with our 4 week program.  It takes 2 weeks minimum to ingrain new behaviors, but that still requires strict owner follow through to make it past their magic “3 week or more moments.” This is why we call our 4 week program is the major transformation because that’s where we really get to see a whole new dog responding to new cues. 

  • Unlimited follow ups! That’s right, if you are having trouble implementing the newly learned behaviors or struggled in a certain environment – just contact us and schedule a follow up at no additional cost. We want to preserve the hard work we put into your dog!

  • We care! You are not just a number to us. We want to know how your dog is doing and we want to continue to offer guidance throughout their life. It’s even better when dogs keep coming for adventure walks day programs or boarding after one of our programs. Then we get to check up on them and maintain the relationship we build with you and your dog. A bonus for us – we won’t miss them so much! 

We don’t believe in wasting time as time is valuable, and people are busy. From our private lessons to our board and training, we have an option for everyone.



Implementing new cues and behavior takes a lot of repetition and building the ability to ignore distractions. Our Certified Dog Trainers/Behavior Consultants do the hard part for you! Your dog will learn cues, proper behavior, how to work under distractions and much more in our day board and train sessions. Yes we do behavioral training, not just obedience!

Text The Muddy Paws Training Co. today to book your dog’s off leash trail session!

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